Summer of the Toblerone Tunnel

It’s not uncommon for people to reach out to me over social media asking for advice about their yoga practice. Last night I received a message from a woman asking me how she can get a Toblerone Tunnel in the next couple of weeks. She had a vacation coming up and wanted to “rock the look” at the pool. I had to google what a Toblerone Tunnel is. It turns out it’s the triangular gap at the top of a woman’s thighs.

Welcome to this summer’s largely unattainable beauty standard! What a great way to remind women that no matter how hard they worked on their abs two summers ago, or their thigh gap last summer, they still fall short of the ideal! It’s great because we are simply not offered enough opportunities to question our attractiveness! (Insert all my eye rolls here)

I am a yoga teacher and I specialize in building self-esteem, and B.S. like this is why I have a job. Whether or not you have a Toblerone Tunnel will depend largely on your height, bone structure, genetics, and a dozen other uncontrollable circumstances. For some, it may be possible to build the muscle in a way that creates the triangular gap, but muscle building is a process and by the time it is achieved there will likely be a new beauty trend sweeping Instagram.

If you have a thigh gap and Toblerone Tunnel, more power to you sister! If you don’t, more power to you sister! You can be healthy without the Tunnel. You can be healthy and have your thighs touch.

More importantly, you are not your thighs, or your stomach, or the back of your arms. Your value is not determined by which candy bars fit in your legs.

At the end of the day, I am a yoga teacher. I can help you build muscle, I can help you get the most from the poses, and I can help you start a healthier lifestyle. I may help you get a Toblerone Tunnel, but that will never be my goal. My goal is to have you find a new standard by which to measure yourself instead of an unhealthy, unrealistic image of perfection.

Be healthy and be active, I will always advocate for that as a lifestyle. Exercise and healthy eating is a form of self love, but it do it out of love and not as a punishment for what you look like. Love the process in order to truly appreciate the results.

Let’s find a new standard by which to judge ourselves and other women. Let’s make the beauty standard our kindness, our intelligence, our self respect, and our humor. Make this a summer of living healthy, being active, strengthening your character, and broadening your horizons, not pinching your thighs in the mirror.

You are worthy right now.

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