6 Yoga Poses for Happiness and Clearing Negative Emotions

Happy Summer Solstice! After your sun salutations, take the opportunity to throw in some poses known for clearing away the negativity inside of you.

If your foot doesn’t reach your hip, that’s okay. Just bring them as close to your hip as you can comfortably. Keep your bum on the floor. Keep your shoulders back and down to open your heart. Switch sides after 3-5 breaths.

Avoid if you have knee or back pain.

Start in tabletop and slowly lower your head as close to your knees as you can get comfortably. Grab your heels and breathe. Feel the safety of being tucked in and covered. You can modify by rolling a blanket under your knees.

Avoid if you have knee or neck pain.

Begin in Hero and slowly lean back. Stop several times to check for comfort before lowering all the way to the floor. After a few rounds of breath, come up to your elbows for a few breaths before rising up. This pose moves energy to the mind while opening the heart.

Avoid this pose if you have knee, ankle, or back pain.

Begin in Downdog. Lift your right leg, then slowly swing it in front of you. Extend your back leg straight behind you and keep your hips parallel. Slowly lower down as far as you can comfortably. If there is enough space, place a block under your hip for support, comfort, and to keep hips parallel. Exit this pose slowly. Switch sides after a few minutes.This pose does relieve stress, but it also relieves deep seated emotions. This is a good pose to really check in with yourself to see what comes up. Feel the emotion it brings, and allow it to pass through you. Healing starts by accepting what is buried underneath.

Avoid this pose if you have knee or hip pain or injuries.

After feeling emotions, Pyramid pose quiets the mind and makes us feel grounded. Step one foot back 2-3 feet and rotate it 45 degrees out. Face your torso forward and come down as far as you can with a flat back. Hands can be behind your back, or in front of you on a block. Switch sides.

Avoid this pose if you have high blood pressure or back pain.

Tree pose is great for feeling strong and big! Your foot can rest on your thigh or calf, but avoid your knee. If you need time to build to balancing, then allow your toes to touch near your ankle. You can really have your arms in any position, but for happiness and confidence I always recommend up and out. Make yourself big because you deserve to take up space!

Please practice all of these safely. Consult a physician if you have injuries or are new to yoga.

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