What’s In My Yoga Bag?

This isn’t the type of post I would normally write, but a surprising number of students have expressed curiosity about what I bring with me to teach yoga. For some reason, the contents of the yoga instructor’s gym bag are always of interest to my students, particularly my teenagers. It always makes me laugh when my students are peeking to steal a glimpse of what I brought along for my day at work. I know I’ve said it before, but yoga does not require a lot of gear. However, there are definitely ways to add some comfort to a day of teaching. Continue reading →

25 Yoga Gifts Under $50

The yoga industry is a $16,000,000 per year industry. That’s a little mind boggling when you consider that all you really need is a mat, a body, and hopefully a teacher. Piles and piles of “stuff” is not necessary, but may be helpful if you are committing to a yoga journey. As a yoga instructor, yoga related gifts seem to be a theme at birthdays and holidays, so I decided to compile a list of the favorites that myself and my colleagues have been given. Continue reading →

8 Ways to Use a Yoga Half Wheel

For my birthday this year I was gifted a wide variety of yoga gear. While I always appreciate the thought, one of the nice things about yoga is that it does not require a lot of supplies. I have long figured much of the yoga gear I see is just a way for companies to cash in on a 16 billion dollar industry, when in reality all yogis need is a mat. Continue reading →