The 7 Best Mindfulness Books for Kids

As a yoga teacher who works with children and teens, I have found that incorporating mindfulness into my teaching has made a far greater impact than yoga alone. At the risk of aging myself, kids are living in a different world than the one I grew up in, and it is not a world that encourages living mindfully. Between busy schedules, homework, and electronics, young people are just not given the opportunity to learn how to tap into their mind and bodies. Helping children and teens learn to live in the here and now comes with many benefits like improved academic performance, improved behavior, and relief from anxiety. Continue reading →

6 Ways Mindfulness Helps Children With Anxiety

As a yoga teacher, my mission is to empower as many students as I possibly can. My focus in my job is raising self-esteem and self-confidence which has built up a client base consisting of a fair number of preteens and teenagers. I have also found that when I suggest to parents that we incorporate mindfulness into our lessons, they seem resistant. They pay me to teach their child yoga, not just sit and breathe with them, right? Yes and no. Mindfulness is so much more than what many picture, and it is a great tool for children (and adults) who are dealing with anxiety. Continue reading →